Maple River School Menu

Dec. 5-9, 2022

Breakfast Menu

Monday – Pancake and sausage on a stick, 100% fruit juice and milk.

Tuesday – Long John, assorted fruit and milk.

Wednesday – Breakfast bagel, 100% fruit juice and milk.

Thursday – Snackin waffles, applesauce cup and milk.

Friday – Cinni mini, 100% fruit juice and milk.

Lunch Menu

Monday – Crispy chicken filet on bun, mini bakers, California blend veggies, caesar salad and pineapple chunks. Grab-n-go: Lasagna rollups.

Tuesday – Grilled cheese, tomato soup, fresh veggies and fruit choice. Grab-n-go: Chicken sticks basket with breadstick.

Wednesday – Hot dog on bun, tri-tater, baked beans and fruit juice gels. Grab-n-go: Taco in a bag.

Thursday – Chicken Huntington, green beans, baby carrots, fresh fruit selection and dinner roll. Grab-n-go: Single serve pizza.

Friday – Cheese stuffed breadsticks with marinara sauce, caesar salad, peas and fruit selection. Grab-n-go: Orange chicken with brown rice.

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