Paul Covey



Paul Covey, 64 passed away on Sept. 21, 2022. He died at his home in the Philippines after a short illness.

Paul was born on Sept. 2, 1958, to Genevieve and J. Richard Covey of rural Amboy, Minn. Joining his two siblings, brother John, and sister Deborah. After High School he joined the Army and was a part of an advanced SWAT team. After his Army years he started his own security business called Insight Security, which employed several security agents who secured several businesses in the Mankato area.

In 1976, Paul and Valerie (Brandt) were married and went on to have three children: Amy, Starla and Paul Covey Jr.

Paul enjoyed globetrotting, experiencing new things and seeing new places. He also had a strong love for books and music. Paul spent much of his time in the Philippines. In his later years he was able to purchase part of an island there. He spent much of his time alongside a few close friends, making the island habitable. It was his dream to make the island habitable and a place to call home.

Paul is preceded in death by his mother and father, Genevieve and J. Richard Covey; wife, Valerie Covey; and son: Paul Covey Jr.,

A celebration of life will be held on Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022, from 1-3 p.m. in Amboy, Minn., at the Snowbirds Event Center, 224 East Maine Street.

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